It's the Who not the Do

A nine week course, featuring weekly pre-recorded video interviews of expert female networkers in law providing their top tips on all aspects of networking, effective business development and the importance of it for career success.

The videos also feature an expert view from the UK's leading executive coach, Jenny Rogers to help you make the most of your connections, whilst emphasising the importance of bringing your true, authentic self to the table.

Inspiring ideas from a variety of successful women, each with their own unique style and rainmaking skills. By the time you finish this course, you will understand the importance of networking, have found a style that feels comfortable for you and will embrace making connections with confidence and authenticity (and everything in between). We hope you enjoy the journey!

  • Strategically build your connections
  • Effortlessly network with others
  • Raise your profile in an authentic way
  • Expand your learning with weekly suggested reading
  • Challenge yourself with recommended weekly tasks
  • Watch additional live on-line Q&A with guest speakers

Time & Type

This week covers how much time you should put into networking and what the most effective form of networking is. We discuss providing value to your connections and how to stay fresh in people’s minds. We also discuss the type of networking that yields results: Is it digital marketing, attending events or curating your own?

Listen with Your Whole Self

This week covers why the art of listening in networking is so important. We discuss how to ‘really’ listen and setting aside your ego. We deal with the tricky one: How to remember people’s names. We also discuss the importance of being authentic and why.

Tips to Master & Master Tips

This week covers a round-up of some of the top tips from our experts.

Big Room Fear

This week covers battling nerves, projecting confidence, preparing for events, the buddy system, who to approach and how. Special advice for introverts also.

Turn a Cold Call into a Tepid One, a Connection into Work

This week covers maintaining your current networking, finding work opportunities, and directly asking for work. We discuss the timetable for following up with a connection and the best way to get work - LinkedIn is featured here. We also discuss cold calling and emailing: Does it actually work? You may be surprised at the answer!

It's the Who not the Do

This week covers why networking is important for career progression, when you should start and what makes a good networker.

Be Visible

This week covers the importance of public speaking for increasing visibility (and what the alternatives are to raising visibility). It covers finding opportunities and forums to practise in first.

It's Getting Hot in Here

This week covers common problems in networking situations and how to overcome them.

Home & Away

This week covers the importance of internal networking and how to really understand what your firm offers (for cross-selling) and why it’s important to your progress in your firm. We cover the benefits of coming back in to the office. We also deal with international networking, business opportunities and the IBA.