An e-mentor platform bridging the gap between general training and the practical knowledge needed to really succeed in the workplace. Tamlyn Edmonds and Kate McMahon have more than a decade of experience rainmaking and growing a successful law firm. They invited a diverse network of women at the top of their game to give advice proven to work. Networking Nuance exists to champion women to ensure gender equality at the very top.

Networking Nuance

Tamlyn Edmonds and Kate McMahon are co-founders of Networking Nuance and partners of Edmonds Marshall McMahon (EMM). They formed Networking Nuance to demystify the rainmaking process and help fast-track career success for women in law firms and corporates. They are passionate about driving change to get women to top positions and make sure they stay there.

Who we are?

We (with the stellar Andrew Marshall), founded Edmonds Marshall McMahon, a private prosecution law firm in London in 2012. At the time private prosecutions were unheard of in cases involving economic crime.

We both came from civil service backgrounds. We set up the firm with the conviction that it was both timely and a good idea - fraud was spiralling and the economy was in downturn. We had two minor problems: We had no clients to bring with us and very few helpful connections. The firm is now successful, top ranked in legal directories and has a strong reputation worldwide.

We taught ourselves to network by dedicated practise and study. We taught ourselves to run a successful business the same way. The firm has a business book filled with countries, companies, hedge-funds and UHNWs. We wanted to share our experience to help others. We asked other women we admire to share their experiences too. Networking Nuance was born.

Why did we want to do this?

We think women, when they’re in charge, run things differently.

Studies show that more gender balanced leadership creates businesses that are more financially successful, diverse, collaborative and with higher staff retention. What’s not to like?

In UK law firms, women are underrepresented at partner level in firms of all sizes. More than 50% of lawyers are female, yet only approximately 35% are partners. Of those female partners, only a quarter are equity partners.

In professional services firms like the “Big 4”, the number of women in leadership positions is even less - around 30%.

Of the 413 women on FTSE 100 boards, just 9% are in executive positions.

We wanted to help change those numbers.

Why these courses?

We formulated our networking e-mentor course because we don’t think the importance of bringing business in to a firm or business is discussed nearly enough, especially amongst women. The pace at which women progress through the ranks can be fast tracked if they bring in work. Further, the independence and value “rain makers” have is not to be underestimated.

We formulated our leadership course because we think that it’s important for women to both get to and stay in senior positions. There are career challenges which are acknowledged as disproportionality affecting women. We think talking, reading and learning about practical solutions helps.

What inspired you to ask for these women to share their experiences and give their advice?

There is a huge amount to learn and we wholeheartedly believe women should give women a hand up.

The women you’ll meet in our courses are invariably funny, smart, kind, savvy, clever, driven, ambitious and have huge networks. It is these networks that make these female lawyers irreplaceable, invaluable and independent and ultimately, allows them to gain leadership positions and equity in law firms.

Whilst we interview very successful female lawyers in this programme, that does not mean the principles are not directly applicable to any other fast paced, intellectually challenging professional services groups, sectors and industries. The advice they give is universal.

These women are always the ones you see at the centre of things, but in very different ways. It may be the centre of a party, an organisation, a publication, their firms, LinkedIn or a huge social network.

We have learnt a lot from them and hope you will too.

What we ask from you

We’re incredibly excited and privileged to be sharing this journey with you.

We hope you enjoy our e-mentoring courses and community as much as we’ve loved putting them together. We’d also love you to stay on in our community forum when you’ve finished your course to continue your journey with support and greater connections. Remember to sign up to our newsletter for continuing inspiration.

The more women that complete these courses, the more likely we will be able to increase female representation in firms and companies. If you’ve found our courses helpful, please shout about it as loudly as you can - to others, to your firm’s management, to friends and family.

We can only change things with help, and we think Margaret Mead was right when she said:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Maya Angelou summed it up pretty well:

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.”