Bet on Yourself

We desperately want women to make it to the top. Equally importantly, we want them to stay there. It may not seem like it at times but it’s very rare that you’re the first or only to have puzzled through the dilemmas and challenges of career progression. This e-mentor course aims to provide reassurance and inspiration.

In this programme, we meet our experts from “It’s the who, not the do” again. We spent a lot of time reading and asking Jenny Rogers, the UK’s leading executive coach, what slowed women down in career progression and how to deal with the inevitable hurdles. We then asked her how to lead better, how to lead authentically and how to really dig deep to understand yourself. We then asked our experts for their practical tips and experience of these issues in the workplace and how they overcame them.

This course covers all of the tricky ones. Obviously, imposter syndrome. We took a lot of comfort and inspiration from what our incredible experts said. We talk about money; how to understand what you’re worth and how to plan to get it. You should hear Ayse on this - incredible. We discussed authenticity in the workplace and it was inspiring to hear Natasha’s views. We discussed language and communication for women, particularly in male dominated environments and you will hear tips from Jane on chairing a meeting which will change your style forevermore.

This is a course for women aiming for leadership or wanting to get better at leadership. We can’t wait for you to join us for this one: It really is incredible.

  • Know your value
  • Expertly plan your career
  • Develop effective leadership skills
  • Proactively address imposter syndrome
  • Expand your learning with weekly suggested reading
  • Watch additional live on-line Q&A with guest speakers